911 Documentary Film, Project Rebirth, Debuts at Sundance

911 Documentary Film, Project Rebirth, Debuts at Sundance

After $9.5 million in donations, eight years of filming, and countless hours of interviews, Project Rebirth will debut on Jan. 21 at the Sundance Film Festival in Utah. The Battery Broadsheet reports that the feature length film, “Rebirth,” is ready to begin its “long term mission of educating people about grief and trauma through a real-life historical record.”

In addition to chronicling the construction progress of the World Trade Center site with time-lapse photography, the film follows the lives of nine Sept. 11 survivors, guiding the audience through their personal stories of growth and grieving since the attacks.

 Project Rebirth Executive Director Caitlin Olsen, a former 9/11 Memorial staff member,  has a vision for the feature film and hundreds of hours of footage. "We want to better train our first responders, volunteers and professionals for more resiliency, to help them understand the grief they are dealing with and make them more resilient in the face of the experience," says Olsen. 

An exclusive segment of the film can be seen now at the 9/11 Memorial Preview Site, on 20 Vesey St. between Church Street and Broadway.

By 9/11 Memorial Staff