9/11 Memorial Honors Fallen NYPD Detective Joseph Lemm

9/11 Memorial Honors Fallen NYPD Detective Joseph Lemm

NYPD officers lay flowers on the 9/11 Memorial in tribute to NYPD Detective Joseph Lemm who was killed in Bagram, Afghanistan.

A tribute was held at the 9/11 Memorial on Wednesday to honor slain New York City police detective Joseph Lemm.

The 45-year-old was among six American service members killed in a suicide bombing on Monday, Dec. 21 in Bagram, Afghanistan. Lemm was serving his second Air National Guard deployment to Afghanistan. He had also served in Iraq.

During the tribute for the 15-year police veteran, NYPD and PAPD officers laid flowers at the South Pool where the names of 23 NYPD members who were killed on 9/11 are inscribed.

Lemm was revered by his fellow NYPD officers for his bravery and leadership. In an interview with The New York Times, Michael J. Palladino, the head of the detectives’ union in New York, called Lemm "an unassuming hero." Following the 9/11 attacks, Lemm, a Westchester County resident, returned to his small hometown of Beemer, Neb., to explain the tragic events of that day to high school students.

Lemm is survived by his wife, Christine, and two children: a teenage daughter, Brooke, and younger son, Ryan.

This marks the third tribute held at the 9/11 Memorial for fallen New York City police officers. The previous ceremonies were held in honor of officer Randolph Holder earlier this year in October, and in 2014 for officers Wenjian Liu and Rafael Ramos.

By 9/11 Memorial Staff