9/11 Memorial Welcomes Active, Retired U.S. Military Service Members

9/11 Memorial Welcomes Active, Retired U.S. Military Service Members

Active and retired military tie yellow ribbons on the Survivor Tree in honor of Veterans Day this month. (Amy Dreher photo)

9/11 Memorial President and CEO Joe Daniels directs planning, construction, development and operations for the 9/11 Memorial. Through his work, he is honored to meet many of the families, colleagues and friends, of the nearly 3,000 9/11 victims. Daniels will share his personal experiences at the memorial, and much more, in the “Thank You for Visiting” series on the MEMO blog.

The 9/11 Memorial welcomes many active and retired U.S. military service members. I have been included in reenlistment ceremonies and watched as many received medals for their duty and patriotism. These men and women deserve our gratitude and a promise that they will always be honored and remembered at this sacred place.

In honor of Veterans Day, I attended a wreath-laying ceremony near the Survivor Tree. Representatives for the United War Veterans Council, the Wounded Warriors Project, the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America, and the Vietnam Veterans Association gathered on the memorial plaza to thank this country’s veterans for their service. I was fortunate to address and stand beside these men and women, including those on the memorial staff who have served.

Yellow ribbons were distributed to more than 100 veterans and their families who attended the ceremony. Veterans on the memorial staff led the way as each ribbon was tied to the Survivor Tree, serving as a reminder that we must come together to support U.S. troops and a soldier’s safe return home. The terrorist attacks on Sept. 11, prompted many men and women across the country to join the military and answer a call to action. Veterans Day is a time to reflect on the selflessness of their decision and thank them for keeping this country safe.

 Thank you for visiting.

             By Joe Daniels, 9/11 Memorial President and CEO