Answering the Call to Remember

Answering the Call to Remember

A view of the interactive tables planned for the 9/11 Memorial Museum’s In Memoriam exhibition (Materials courtesy of the Acquaviva family)

The 9/11 Memorial Museum continues to collect recorded remembrances from family, friends and coworkers in memory of those so senselessly murdered in the terrorist attacks of 2001 and the 1993 World Trade Center bombing. These spoken memories will be core components of the Museum’s “In Memoriam” exhibition, where visitors will be able to learn more about each individual through the recollections of those who knew them best – the people who loved them.  

Listen to Lori Lemmer tell an anecdote about her cousin, Steven Elliot Furman.

In another recording, Richard McCloskey remembered his daughter,
Katie Marie McCloskey.

The museum invites family members, friends and former colleagues of those killed in the attacks to help preserve the memory of their loved ones by joining Lemmer, McCloskey and others in sharing a recorded remembrance. Currently, recording appointments are being scheduled at the 9/11 Memorial Preview Site, 20 Vesey St., from Oct. 16 through Oct. 18. Remembrances can be recorded anytime through the Call to Remember phone-in archive.

Dial (866) 582-5613 to leave a remembrance in the Call to Remember archive. Call (877) 671-1636 or email to schedule an in-person appointment. 

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 By 9/11 Memorial Staff