AP: Another 9/11 Anniversary is Recognized Today

AP: Another 9/11 Anniversary is Recognized Today

A 9/11 Memorial Museum exhibition design study includes a piece of remnant WTC steel used to project video footage of the recovery effort. (Courtesy Thinc Design with Local Projects)

Across the country people gather today to recognize U.S. troops who gave their lives to protect our freedoms, while an “army” filled with ironworkers, machinists, mason workers and others recognize this Memorial Day as the ninth anniversary marking the end of the recovery operation after the 2001 attacks. 

In an Associated Press report by David B. Caruso, recovery workers recall entering ground zero in the wake of the attacks to clear more than 1.8 million tons of steel and concrete from what became known as The Pit. The formal recovery operation ended May 30. 

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By 9/11 Memorial Staff