May 2017

Hero Highway supporters give support to rescue and recovery workers. Photo courtesy of Martha Cooper.
"Cover Stories: Remembering the Twin Towers on The New Yorker" is on display through May 2018.
John Spade, son of 9/11 survivor and museum docent, Bill Spade, reflects on the evolution of his 9/11 education.
Retired Firefighter Bill Spade helps young people understand 9/11 from the perspective of a first responder who was there.
A member of the PAPD places flowers on the parapet Monday. Photo by Jin Lee
Photo of Noel Quiñones and Rosebud Ben-Oni.
Photo of last year’s tribute to rescue and recovery workers in recognition of the 14th anniversary of the end of the rescue, recovery, and relief efforts at Ground Zero. Photo by Jin Lee.
Michael Mulhern chose to incorporate this contaminated paint into his series for both its texture and symbolism. Photo by 9/11 Museum Staff
A unique rendering of the World Trade Center. Photo by Jin Lee.