October 2018

Commemorative ribbons ring the Survivor Tree in tribute to the victims of the 2017 attack. Photo by Jin Lee, 9/11 Memorial.
President Bush's ceremonial first pitch during game three of the 2001 World Series. Photograph by Rich Pilling, Getty Images.
Newly installed items on view in the 9/11 Memorial Museum's Tribute Walk. Photo by Jin Lee, 9/11 Memorial.

Annual Salute to Service Week Begins Nov. 7

A flag-folding ceremony on the 9/11 Memorial plaza during last year's Salute to Service. Photo by Jin Lee, 9/11 Memorial.
A rendering of the 9/11 Memorial Glade, which will pay tribute to those who are sick or who have died from 9/11-related illnesses.
Gérôme Truc participated in a special public program at the 9/11 Memorial Museum on October 18. Photo by Monika Graff, 9/11 Memorial.

The Tree That Survived

The Survivor Tree on the Memorial plaza. Photo by Jin Lee, 9/11 Memorial.
Sociologist Gérôme Truc will visit the 9/11 Memorial Museum Thursday night for a special program, “Paris, New York, Madrid, London: The City Responds to Terror.”
New York Public Radio president and CEO Laura Walker on the latest OUR CITY. OUR STORY. episode.
Hany Farid and Vidhya Ramalingam discuss different responses to the threat of extremist ideology on the internet. Photo by Ann-Sophie Fjellø-Jensen, 9/11 Memorial.