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AUDIO: Therapy Dogs Play Crucial Role After 911

Rachel McPherson is the founder and executive director of the Good Dog Foundation, a New York City-based pet therapy organization. Rachel trains therapy dogs and brings them to patients in need. Cancer survivors and the elderly have all benefited from the pets who aid in the healing process. But after 9/11, the caring canines would play a role in consoling people emotionally burdened by the events of the attacks.

 After Sept. 11, the Good Dog Foundation worked with community members and distraught family members at the Pier 94 Family Assistance Center. Fidel, the small Papillon, made an impact on patrons at the assistance center and on family members who returned to the site. Listen to Rachel talk about the role therapy dogs played on the days after 9/11. Also, take a look at Rachel's book, Every Dog Has a Gift.  Dogs are more than just man's best friend.

By 9/11 Memorial Staff