Behind The Lens: Snow Storm at the 9/11 Memorial

Behind The Lens: Snow Storm at the 9/11 Memorial

An officer trudges through the snow during the height of a snow storm. Photo by Jin Lee, 9/11 Memorial.

As a professional photographer, one of the things I enjoy most about photographing the Memorial often is being able to capture it in its many forms throughout different seasons and times of day.

Earlier this month I photographed the Memorial at the height of a heavy snow storm. As I worked, I kept my camera in my jacket to shield it from the snow and strong winds.

This photograph shows a rare moment when the Memorial and Museum were open but with fewer people than are usually there. People were still taking in the site in other areas that had already been cleared of snow, but this area was still so quiet.

It was remarkable to see the crews working hard to clear the snow quickly and that security was unchanged. I like this image with the officer trudging through the snow because it shows a quiet moment with one of the many people dedicated to caring for the site in all conditions.

By Jin Lee, Director of Photography, 9/11 Memorial & Museum