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The Lens: Viewing the 9/11 Memorial

Staff photographer Amy Dreher snaps a lot of pictures at the World Trade Center site, documenting the construction progress of the 9/11 Memorial. Amy also trains her lens on the smaller pieces that may be overlooked with a project of this magnitude. Through “The Lens: Viewing the 9/11 Memorial,” readers of The MEMO blog can share some of the unique vantage points captured by Amy.

Coming into view: The primary steel of the glass atrium of the 9/11 Memorial Museum Pavilion gives the four-story structure a signature look.  Last week, the building was topped off, marking the completion of the installation of structural steel. In the coming months, the so-called curtain wall will help define the pavilion's shape. The pavilion will serve as an entryway to the museum, which opens in 2012 at bedrock at the World Trade Center site.

By 9/11 Memorial Staff