Local Professor Shares Experience at 9/11 Museum

Local Professor Shares Experience at 9/11 Museum

A view of the Last Column in Foundation Hall. Photo by Jin Lee.

Rutgers University professor Bruce Chadwick visited the 9/11 Memorial Museum recently and shared his experience with History News Network, calling the site “somber and yet sensational.”

Chadwick observed fellow visitors going through the exhibits as they learned about and remembered the events of the day. “[The museum’s] creators, designers and managers have achieved a nearly impossible feat – to open a museum that is an engaging, informative and unique educational study of the terrible event and at the same time a somber tribute to the people who worked and died there, as well as all of the hundreds of police and firemen who fell with them,” he wrote.

To Chadwick, “the most riveting, and sorrowful, exhibit in the museum” was the Last Column. Covered in photos and inscriptions by rescue and recovery workers, the Last Column was the final steel beam removed from the World Trade Center site at the end of the nine-month recovery period after Sept. 11.

For those visiting New York City, Chadwick contends “the 9/11 Memorial and Museum is a perfect place to spend a few hours.”

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By 9/11 Memorial Staff