Producers from “VICE” on HBO Discuss Reporting from the Front Lines

Producers from “VICE” on HBO Discuss Reporting from the Front Lines

Vice correspondent Isobel Yeung in the Old City of Mosul with the civilian defense unit who is searching for unrecovered civilian bodies. Photo for VICE on HBO.

Producers from HBO’s Emmy award–winning documentary series “VICE” will discuss reporting from conflict zones during a special program at the 9/11 Memorial Museum on Tuesday night.

Nicole Bozorgmir and Adam Kerlin, producers on several episodes of “VICE,” will share behind-the-scenes insights and clips from the series’ fifth season, including an in-depth look at Mosul’s liberation from the ISIS and what the future holds for the Iraqi children recruited to fight with the terror group.

Bozorgmir has covered a wide range of global stories, including transgender youth, constitutional referendums in Turkey, medical breakthroughs in Cuba, the Rohingya refugee crisis and the children of ISIS. Prior to joining “VICE,” she worked on PBS documentary shows including “Frontline” and “American Experience.”

Kerlin’s work for “VICE” focuses primarily on U.S. defense policy and the ongoing War on Terror. Prior to joining VICE, Kerlin was an investigative journalist, conducting research and co-authoring reports at Reuters and USA Today that uncovered bureaucratic oversights and conflicts of interest at the World Health Organization and the United States Environmental Protection Agency.

Tickets to this program are free, but registration is required. Find out more about public programming at the 9/11 Memorial Museum here.

By 9/11 Memorial Staff