Rebirth: 14 Cameras, 10 years at WTC

Rebirth: 14 Cameras, 10 years at WTC

A scene from the "Rebirth" movie. (Showtime)

For a decade, cameras have been rolling at the World Trade Center site capturing the reconstruction as part of Project Rebirth's "Rebirth" film. The documentary chronicles the reconstruction of the World Trade Center site and follows the lives of nine men and women coping with the evolving impact and meaning of 9/11.

March 11 marked the 10-year anniversary of the founding of Project Rebirth and the installation of the organization's cameras at WTC. Currently, there are 14 cameras at the site filming the ongoing construction.

In the next year, Project Rebirth will complete another major milestone of creating an exhibition and nine short films about each of the men and women featured in the documentary for an installation at the National September 11 Memorial Museum (9/11 Memorial Museum), said Caitlin Olson, the executive director of Project Rebirth.

More than 2 million people have seen the film and it was shown in a White House screening hosted by Vice President Joe Biden.

View videos at Project Rebirth's YouTube channel.

By 9/11 Memorial staff