Remembering Hilda Taylor

Remembering Hilda Taylor

A white rose on the 9/11 Memorial honors Hilda Taylor’s birthday.

Hilda Taylor came to the United States from Sierra Leone to further her education, settling with her family in Maryland. Hilda taught sixth grade at Leckie Elementary School in Washington DC.

On Sept. 11, Hilda and one of her students, Bernard Brown, boarded American Airlines Flight 77 at Dulles International Airport, bound for California on a National Geographic Society research trip to the Channel Islands. Their hijacked plane was crashed into the Pentagon, killing all aboard.

Today we honor Hilda Taylor’s 74th birthday by placing a white rose at her name on the 9/11 Memorial.

The 9/11 Memorial & Museum recognizes the birthdays of those lost on Sept. 11, 2001 and Feb. 26, 1993 by placing a single white rose at the individual’s name inscribed on the 9/11 Memorial on their birthday.

By 9/11 Memorial Staff