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Stone Street Tavern supports the 9/11 Memorial

Bring out your friends. Bring out the co-workers. Hockey is always on, and so is the fun. Stone Street Tavern in the Financial District is welcoming to all patrons, accommodating to your rough day at work or your latest bonus.  A recent supporter of the national 9/11 Memorial's Signs of Support campaign, Stone Street Tavern is a true staple.

Enjoy the patio on steamy, summer afternoons, or warm up inside with a fine ale during the winter months.  Take a stroll down historic Stone Street for a bite and a brew, and you will not be disappointed. We’d like to thank them not only for their tremendous service and good cheer, but their support to the National September 11 Memorial & Museum--rallying around a cause so vital to New York and the nation. Join us in recognizing Stone Street Tavern as an avid supporter of the 9/11 Memorial and Museum.

By Norm Dannen, Public Affairs Associate