Students Design a Museum Exhibition

Students Design a Museum Exhibition

A part of the exhibit put together by high school students from New Jersey.

Students from the all-girls Kent Place School in Summit, NJ and the all-boys St. Benedict’s Prep School in Newark, NJ launched the inaugural “two schools and a museum” 9/11 exhibition last week at the 9/11 Memorial and Museum offices.

The 23 students have been working all year on the pilot project. After spending the first semester learning about the choices museums make as they collect and display objects, students then collaborated with their counterparts to make their own choices – from picking their own themes to choosing the appropriate objects from the museum's collection to designing their exhibition to installing the final space and hosting the reception.

“Being able to create an exhibition meant being able to craft my own thoughts and emotions on 9/11 into something that others would see, that would also urge them to think about their own emotions as they pertained to 9/11,” said Briana Velez, student at Kent Place. “The entire process of building the exhibition signified our bravery, openness, resilience, and ability to come together as a community to witness a remembrance of the one event that truly brings us together.”

We hope to use this program as model for our upcoming programming in the museum. In the meantime, congrats go out to students from both schools. View more photos on our Google + page.