9/11 artwork

Commemorative art will be used to educate youth about 9/11

The National September 11 Memorial & Museum has collaborated with the September 11th Education Trust and the Social Studies School Service to create commemorative education resources showcasing the many ways people chose to respond to 9/11 through art  Read more »

Inspiring 9/11 art

 The events of 9/11 inspired many things, from charitable donations to a need to volunteer. But they also inspired a wealth of artwork documenting what transpired before, on and after 9/11.  So many people were moved to create artwork in response to the 2001 attacks, from  seasoned professionals seeking normalcy through creating art related to 9/11 to novice who created artwork for the first time as a way to sort through complex emotions.To collect and archive this type of artwork, the 9/11 Memorial Museum launched the   Read more »