9/11 attacks

Introducing the 'Explore 9/11' App

The powerful “Explore 9/11” app has arrived. Download it for free. The app is a guide for deconstructing and understanding 9/11 through the eyes of witnesses. It has three main features that include a tour, a display of 9/11-related photos based on your location and an interactive timeline. 11. The images used for “Explore 9/11” are pulled from the 9/11 Memorial’s “Make History” website   Read more »

The WTC's steel 'tridents' are returning to ground zero (Updated)

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A ‘moving’ 9/11 tribute

With rumbling tailpipes, a team of motorcyclists ushered a large World Trade Center beam across Florida.Before the attacks of Sept. 11, the nearly 12-foot-long beam supported a window in the WTC's north tower for more than 30 years, according to a report written by Matt Soergel of The Florida Times-Union.  Read more »

Britain marks 5th anniversary of terror attack

Today marks the fifth anniversary of the multiple suicide bombings on July 7, 2005, that killed 52 people in London. The terror attacks occured on three subway cars and a bus."It was a dreadful day, but it is also a day that will remain, I believe, a symbol of the enduring bravery of the British people," Prime Minister David Cameron told the House of Commons, according to an Associated Press report  Read more »

'Dear Hero' Collection comes home to NYC

In case you missed it. Children from across the globe handmade most of the 3,000 heartfelt gifts that make up the one-of-a-kind “Dear Hero” collection, which is comprised of poignant letters, heartfelt drawings and other tokens of gratitude delivered to firehouses across New York City after the 2001 terrorist attacks.  Read more »

Photographer recounts surviving WTC collapse

Independent photojournalist Catherine Leuthold had survived the collapse of the World Trade Center's south tower.Feeling uncertain about whether she would escape what was to come in the attack, she sought a reflective surface. She found a large mirror, pointed her camera at it and snapped a shot."I took this picture in a deli on Broadway across from St. Paul's (Church) to document that I had survived the first (tower) collapse, and if anything happened to me they would find my camera and film for ID purposes," Leuthold recalled.  Read more »

WTC steel that remained standing in 9/11 aftermath returns to the place 'they were born.' (Updated)

Hundreds of tons of remnant steel from the 2001 World Trade Center disaster has arrived home. That home may not be where you think.According to an Associated Press report  Read more »

A true sign of support

Join other businesses participating in a grassroots effort designed to help build and sustain the National September 11 Memorial & Museum.  The initiative is called Signs of Support  Read more »

Tree That Survived 9/11 has "solid chance" of survival after being uprooted in Bronx

It is revered as the stalwart pear tree that survived the 9/11 attacks. But a pair of March storms that brought strong winds, and pounded New York with heavy rains, damaged the so-called Survivor Tree.  It was uprooted in those storms, leading to major concerns for its caretakers.9/11 Memorial project manager Ron Vega  Read more »

Tribute of Light Will continue to shine

In case you missed it. The beacon known as the Tribute in Light will burn bright through the 10th anniversary of the 2001 attacks thanks to funding secured by the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation, or LMDC.LMDC also approved additional funding for two other instrumental 9/11 memorial programs, including StoryCorps and Project Rebirth  Read more »