9/11 Memorial

queen of England to tour ground zero next month

According to the Associated Press, Queen Elizabeth II is scheduled to visit the former World Trade Center site July 6 as part of her upcoming North American tour to pay tribute to the 2,982 lives lost on 9/11, including the 67 British victims.This will be the queen’s first visit to the site, also known as Ground Zero and the site of the 9/11 Memorial  Read more »

A NYT reporter recounts escaping the taliban as part of 9/11, Today and Tomorrow speakers series

The 9/11 Memorial introduces David Rohde, a two-time Pulitzer prize winning reporter, as its fourth speaker for the “9/11, Today and Tomorrow” series at the 9/11 Memorial Preview Site, 20 Vesey St.Last month, a counterterrorism expert discussed the deadly inner workings of al-Qaeda.  Read more »

Help take part & vote for 9/11 Memorial to win $200K in funding

Vote for the 9/11 Memorial to receive $200,000 through TakePart’s Members Project.American Express and TakePart, a social action network, have joined together to help drive citizen engagement and social action.  Through its Members Project, you can look at today’s issues and decide how to take action by voting for your favorite non-profit organizations.  Read more »

New Jersey Church is building memorial using WTC steel recovered post-9/11

A church in Vernon, N.J., will soon join dozens of other communities across the country by building a memorial to victims of the Sept. 11 attacks with a piece of World Trade Center steel serving as the centerpiece.The national 9/11 Memorial will open next year at the World Trade Center.According to a report on New Jersey.com, Rev. John Boland, the pastor of St. Francis De Sales Church, said:  Read more »

Walking tour offers history of 9/11, WTC

It's no bigger than a playing card when folded.But open the "Walk and Remember" self-guided walking tour map and a find a path leading to rich history and iconic  local landmarks related to Sept. 11th.The commemorative walking tour is available only at the 9/11 Memorial Preview Site, 20 Vesey St., in Manhattan. It's $3.95 and all proceeds go to help build and sustain the National September 11 Memorial & Museum under construction at the World Trade Center site.  Read more »

Help create a tribute to 9/11 victims with Living Memorial Workshops

VOICES of September 11th conducts workshops throughout the year to assist victims' family members in the process of creating a tribute to their loved ones. Workshops are scheduled during the month of June in the VOICES offices in New Brunswick, New Jersey and New Canaan, CT as well as a number of locations in the tri-state area.  Read more »

A survivor's 9/11 response story: John Stiastny

One of nearly 2,000 members of the New York City Police Department dispatched to the World Trade Center site on September 11, 2001, John Stiastny arrived at the disaster site at about 1:00 that afternoon.A 12-year veteran assigned to the department's auto crime division in Queens in 2001, Stiastny was hit by falling debris and taken to Bellevue Hospital where he was treated for a broken leg and injuries to his neck.  Read more »

Video: Flyover the 9/11 Memorial using Google Earth

In case you missed it. The National September 11 Memorial & Museum and Google Inc. partnered to produce a stunning third-dimensional landscape featuring the 9/11 Memorial.  The Memorial, which will open next year, can be explored through Google Earth.  Read more »

All 8,000 Tons of Memorial Steel Now Installed at the WTC

The 9/11 Memorial is just 472 days away from opening on September 11, 2011. The construction momentum is mounting with the achievement of a new milestone -- 100% of the Memorial's structural steel is now in place.  This steel, weighing more than 8,000 tons, is more than was used to build the Eiffel Tower.  To date, more than 85% of the project's concrete has been poured. The total amount of concrete will be 49,000 cubic yards, equaling twice the volume of the Macy’s building in Herald Square, New York.  Read more »

9/11 Speakers Series provides lesson on understading a relentless enemy - al Qaeda

CBS's 60 minutes recently had a report on homegrown terrorists, American citizens like the recent "would-be Times Square bomber, who have traveled abroad for terrorist training in order to attack  America or its allies."Recruiting sympathizers is just one page in al Qaeda's war strategy. Learn about other plans and the history and ideology of the terrorist group from counterterrorism expert Bill Braniff, the director of external education at West Point's Combating Terrorism Center.  Braniff is giving a presentation  Read more »