9/11 Terror Trials probed in upcoming event (Updated X2)

(Audio) Join the 9/11 Memorial for an evening of discussionA diverse panel of experts will discuss the pending 9/11 terror trials and Sept. 11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed at 6:30 p.m., April 28, at the 9/11 Memorial Preview Site, 20 Vesey St.  Read more »


This morning, the Board of the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation approved $2.29 million in funds to help support key elements of the Museum's exhibitions, including the Introductory Exhibition which is rendered above. The funds will make possible the development of multimedia displays authentic voices of those who experienced and survived the attacks. A core component of the exhibition will feature firsthand accounts using audio recordings, including  Read more »

Make History today

Join others who are contributing to the collection of the National September 11 Memorial & Museum by sharing stories, videos or pictures for the Make History project.  Whether you were in lower Manhattan on 9/11 or watching the events unfold on a television in Serbia, we are encouraging you to contribute to documenting this historic moment.Make History is a collective telling of the events of 9/11 through the eyes of those who experienced it, both at the attack sites and around the world.  Read more »

Welcome to THE MEMO, a blog for everyone

Walking into the Memorial and Museum offices today, I passed the same wall clock that I pass every day.  Instead of the time, the clock displays the number of days until the permanent, public opening of the Memorial on September 11, 2011. Today, that number is 534—we’re less than a year and a half away.  Read more »

Exploring 9/11: The World Before and After (March)

Here's the latest in the webcast series by the National September 11 Memorial & Museum. Featured in this multiple-part video series is award-winning photographer Joel Meyerowitz, whose work has appeared in more than 350 exhibitions in museums and galleries worldwide. He authored the book Aftermath: The World Trade Center Archive  Read more »