Public Program attendees view a 3D video sculpture at the 9/11 Memorial Museum. Photo by Jin Lee.

Brazilian 9/11 Survivor Inspired to Tell Story

Adriana Maluendas (left) giving her passport from 2001 to 9/11 Memorial Museum Senior Oral Historian Amy Weinstein at the Brazilian Consulate. (Photo by Anthony Guido)
Damaged FDNY ambulance recovered from the World Trade Center Site (Photo by Amy Weisser)
Thank you letter written by Army Staff Sgt. Ty Carter
Pay telephone from the 107th floor South Tower Observation Deck and signal from the PATH train station (photo by Jin Lee)
A ticket to Super Bowl XXXIV in 2000, donated in memory of Timothy G. Byne by his sister Kathleen
1000 Origami Cranes, donated by Nino Vendrome. (Photo by 9/11 Museum staff)
The story of Mickey Kross's fire helmet is one of many told within the book. (Photo by Matt Flynn)
The portion of the antenna was one of the final large artifacts lowered into the museum. (Photo by Jan Ramirez)
Operating engineers used grappler claws to lift tangled steel and debris from the pile at Ground Zero. (Staff Photo)