Alice Greenwald

Museum Director Alice Greenwald (center) holds a flag during the museum's opening ceremony in May 2014. (Photo: Amy Dreher)

Our Beacon of Hope

9/11 Memorial Museum pavilion. (Amy Dreher photo)
9/11 Memorial Museum director Alice Greenwald discusses tribute items like the "Hope for Healing" Waterford crystals that will become part of the museum's collection. (Photo by Michael Frazier)
(L) “We Remember” mockup; courtesy of Local Projects. (R) “We Remember” rendering; courtesy of Thinc Design with Local Projects

The Lens: Viewing the 9/11 Memorial

9/11 Memorial Museum Director Alice Greenwald leads a tour of the museum, which opens in 2012. (Amy Dreher photo)

9/11 Memorial Museum revealed (Updated X3)

The Passion Behind Building the 9/11 Memorial Museum