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Obama, 9/11 Families, Rescuers and Survivors Dedicate Museum

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Ironworkers Donate Mementoes from Original WTC Construction

(Archive photo by Amy Dreher) (Archive photo by Amy Dreher)

Two ironworkers have donated to the 9/11 Memorial Museum their construction-site issued thermoses, used while working on the original World Trade Center.  Read more »

Memorial Marks First Year of Operation, Museum Construction is Moving Forward

(Amy Dreher photo) (Amy Dreher photo)

The National September 11 Memorial marks its first year of operation at the World Trade Center site in lower Manhattan.    Read more »

Follow the Flag: 9/11 stripes stop in Dallas

This flag is on a mission. Hands from across the nation will put their touch on the National 9/11 FlagOn it's latest stop to Oak Cliff, Texas, students of Erik Jonsson Community School have taken time to care for the flag and remember that all American's, not just New Yorkers, were affected that day."I will always be an American," the fourth graders sang to a local community group according to a   Read more »

WTC 'Tridents' are being installed inside 9/11 memorial museum (Updated x3)

(Eds Note: The installation is ongoing. This post will be updated as developments occur.)The so-called steel "tridents," historic remnants of the Twin Towers’ façade, is being permanently installed in the 9/11 Memorial Museum.  The 70-foot high columns known as “tridents” because of their three-pronged tops, were salvaged from the wreckage of the north tower. Each weighs about 50 tons, and will be on permanent display within the atrium of the Museum Pavilion.  Read more »

Inspiring 9/11 art

 The events of 9/11 inspired many things, from charitable donations to a need to volunteer. But they also inspired a wealth of artwork documenting what transpired before, on and after 9/11.  So many people were moved to create artwork in response to the 2001 attacks, from  seasoned professionals seeking normalcy through creating art related to 9/11 to novice who created artwork for the first time as a way to sort through complex emotions.To collect and archive this type of artwork, the 9/11 Memorial Museum launched the   Read more »