National 9/11 Flag

National 9/11 Flag Now on Display in Museum

The National 9/11 Flag in the south corridor of the 9/11 Memorial Museum. (Photo: Jin Lee) The National 9/11 Flag in the south corridor of the 9/11 Memorial Museum. (Photo: Jin Lee)

On May 20, 2015, Museum curators installed the National 9/11 Flag in the south corridor of the 9/11 Memorial Museum.  Read more »

A Dispatch From National 9/11 Flag Tour (Updated)

Looking over a photograph of retired Army Col. David Brostrom, whose son was killed in action in Afghanistan, Jeff Parness couldn't help but zero in on Bromstrom's expression.His lips pursed, Brostrom appears to be fighting back tears, his gaze lost in the field of stars and stripes on the National 9/11 Flag sprawled out before him in Hawaii last month."Take a look at the expression on David's face," said Parness, the founder of New York Says Thank You Foundation  Read more »

Video: Nation Repairs U.S. Flag Pulled From WTC Rubble, Fox News Reports

Watch the latest video at video.foxnews.comThe above video is from Fox News’ “The Rise of Freedom."  In this recent broadcast, Fox News anchor Shepard Smith reports on the National 9/11 Flag, which was pulled from the World Trade Center site after 9/11 and is now being stitched back together as it travels the country. The flag will return to New York, where it will become part of the 9/11 Memorial Museum's collection.By 9/11 Memorial Staff  Read more »

Follow the Flag: 9/11 stripes stop in Dallas

This flag is on a mission. Hands from across the nation will put their touch on the National 9/11 FlagOn it's latest stop to Oak Cliff, Texas, students of Erik Jonsson Community School have taken time to care for the flag and remember that all American's, not just New Yorkers, were affected that day."I will always be an American," the fourth graders sang to a local community group according to a   Read more »

'National 9/11 Flag' on the Move

The National 9/11 Flag continues is restitching journey across the country with a stop in Branson this month, according to the Branson Tri-Lakes NewsThe New York Says Thank You Foundation is taking the flag on the country-wide tour to provide an opportunity for local service members to help restore the flag to its original glory. After 9/11, the tattered flag was recovered from ground zero.  Read more »

U.S. Flag from WTC destruction is unfurled in honor of war wounded

On a recent Sunday,  The National 9/11 Flag  Read more »

Stitch by Stitch, restoring U.S. flag recovered from Ground Zero

In case you missed it: Ashen, tattered and blowing in the wind, the torn United States flag was recovered after the World Trade Center crumbled.  The flag was stitched back together several years later and grew into a symbol that reinforces the same commitment to service and volunteerism experienced across the country and world on Sept. 12, 2001.  Read more »