National September 11 Memorial & Museum

Meet Joe Daniels, the 9/11 Memorial President

Joe Daniels is not your ordinary CEO.  He has run with the bulls in Pamplona, bungee jumped 330 feet in the Alps, and attempted a 360-degree turn while skiing in Colorado.Daniels currently serves as the President and CEO of the National September 11 Memorial & Museum  Read more »

behind the lense: the man photographing the world trade center site

Since construction began on the National September 11 Memorial & Museum, there’s been one man who’s seen every angle, view and development.Joe Woolhead, the photographer capturing the World Trade Center site and memorial and museum’s construction, is working together with Silverstein Properties to document the progress.  Read more »

New Jersey Church is building memorial using WTC steel recovered post-9/11

A church in Vernon, N.J., will soon join dozens of other communities across the country by building a memorial to victims of the Sept. 11 attacks with a piece of World Trade Center steel serving as the centerpiece.The national 9/11 Memorial will open next year at the World Trade Center.According to a report on New, Rev. John Boland, the pastor of St. Francis De Sales Church, said:  Read more »

WTC steel arrives at Louisiana firehouse after years-long wait

A 20-foot beam from the remains of the destroyed World Trade Center was greeted with bowed head, tears and prayer when it was recently received at a fire district in Louisiana.According to a St.Tammany News report by Suzanne Le Breton, Fire District 12 Deputy Chief Steve Krentel has been trying to get a piece of WTC steel for use for a memorial for years. The beam reportedly arrived this month on a trailer, draped in an American flag,  Read more »

'Dear Hero' Collection comes home to NYC

In case you missed it. Children from across the globe handmade most of the 3,000 heartfelt gifts that make up the one-of-a-kind “Dear Hero” collection, which is comprised of poignant letters, heartfelt drawings and other tokens of gratitude delivered to firehouses across New York City after the 2001 terrorist attacks.  Read more »

Progress Report: Bronze panels inscribed with names of terror attack victims, memorial waterfalls

Donning a hard hat, blindingly bright safety vest and dark shades concealing his eyes, 9/11 Memorial Project manager Ron Vega scaled a section of the outside wall of the north pool of the 9/11 Memorial at the World Trade Center construction site."Soon the plaza will come up to here," he said, making a chop motion at the height of his knees before adding, "And this is where the names will be located."  Read more »

Photographer recounts surviving WTC collapse

Independent photojournalist Catherine Leuthold had survived the collapse of the World Trade Center's south tower.Feeling uncertain about whether she would escape what was to come in the attack, she sought a reflective surface. She found a large mirror, pointed her camera at it and snapped a shot."I took this picture in a deli on Broadway across from St. Paul's (Church) to document that I had survived the first (tower) collapse, and if anything happened to me they would find my camera and film for ID purposes," Leuthold recalled.  Read more »

Trials of terror and 9/11 (Updated)

A terrorism trial is heading for a New York City courtroom, but it's most likely not the trial you think.An anonymous jury is to hear a case against Syed Hashmi of Queens, who's accused of providing supplies to al Qaeda fighters, according to the New York Daily News and the a WABC broadcast report. Hashmi will be tried in Manhattan Federal Court. Update: Hashmi pleads guilty, according to an updated story by the  Read more »

A view unlike any other at the 9/11 Memorial

I'm in a unique position. I see the arrivals of  most of the guests for the National September 11 Memorial & Museum.They walk by the receiving desk at the lower Manhattan office on their way for construction updates, oral history appointments or consultations on exhibition design.  As they file pass me at breakneck speed, I'm always left with the sense that they're unaware of how many people who have visited this office, people as deeply involved as they are.  Read more »

new logo, same mission

The old logo for the 9/11 Memorial seen at headquarters. The new 9/11 Memorial logo that replaced the older one.Leading design firm Landor, which worked on branding for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, created this new 9/11 Memorial logo. It was first used insignage for the 9/11 Memorial Preview Site  Read more »