New York Says Thank You

‘9/11 Flag’ is Unfurled in Honor of Wounded War Veterans

Actress Marlo Thomas makes a stitch in the National 9/11 Flag at the 2011 9/11 Memorial Benefit Dinner (Ron Glassman photo) Actress Marlo Thomas makes a stitch in the National 9/11 Flag at the 2011 9/11 Memorial Benefit Dinner (Ron Glassman photo)

The National 9/11 Flag honors wounded warrior amputees in Sag Harbor on Long Island.  Read more »

A Dispatch From National 9/11 Flag Tour (Updated)

Looking over a photograph of retired Army Col. David Brostrom, whose son was killed in action in Afghanistan, Jeff Parness couldn't help but zero in on Bromstrom's expression.His lips pursed, Brostrom appears to be fighting back tears, his gaze lost in the field of stars and stripes on the National 9/11 Flag sprawled out before him in Hawaii last month."Take a look at the expression on David's face," said Parness, the founder of New York Says Thank You Foundation  Read more »

Video: Movie Trailer of 9/11-Inspired Volunteers

The trailer for the documentary "New York Says Thank You" provides a glimspe into a 9/11-inspired nation banding together to volunteer. The title of the documentary is taken from the national charity group founded by Jeff Parness. Read more about   New York Says Thank You Foundation.  The movie is to be released in 2011. (No official release date as of Dec. 27.) By 9/11 Memorial Staff  Read more »

New Yorkers recognize 9/11 response by Helping Arkansas Tornado Survivors Rebuild

 A volunteer organization born out of the 9/11 is helping to coordinate one of the largest volunteer service events in Arkansas. Earlier this month, The New York Says Thank You Foundation worked jointly with the Polk County Arkansas Long Term Recovery Committee and the Polk County 4-H Foundation to bring hundreds of volunteers from New York City and across the country to help rebuild Mena, Ark.    Read more »

U.S. Flag from WTC destruction is unfurled in honor of war wounded

On a recent Sunday,  The National 9/11 Flag  Read more »

Stitch by Stitch, restoring U.S. flag recovered from Ground Zero

In case you missed it: Ashen, tattered and blowing in the wind, the torn United States flag was recovered after the World Trade Center crumbled.  The flag was stitched back together several years later and grew into a symbol that reinforces the same commitment to service and volunteerism experienced across the country and world on Sept. 12, 2001.  Read more »