From the Collection: Symbols Forged From WTC Steel

World Trade Center symbol steel beam. Photo: Amy Dreher. World Trade Center symbol steel beam. Photo: Amy Dreher.

“What I had done for the families, me and my crew, when we had a little slack time we would cut out some crosses . . . and when they came down, we would give those crosses to the families. And they loved it, they really appreciated it. And it made us feel good,” said Ironworker William Quinlan on making symbol steel.  Read more »

WTC 'Tridents' are being installed inside 9/11 memorial museum (Updated x3)

(Eds Note: The installation is ongoing. This post will be updated as developments occur.)The so-called steel "tridents," historic remnants of the Twin Towers’ façade, is being permanently installed in the 9/11 Memorial Museum.  The 70-foot high columns known as “tridents” because of their three-pronged tops, were salvaged from the wreckage of the north tower. Each weighs about 50 tons, and will be on permanent display within the atrium of the Museum Pavilion.  Read more »

All 8,000 Tons of Memorial Steel Now Installed at the WTC

The 9/11 Memorial is just 472 days away from opening on September 11, 2011. The construction momentum is mounting with the achievement of a new milestone -- 100% of the Memorial's structural steel is now in place.  This steel, weighing more than 8,000 tons, is more than was used to build the Eiffel Tower.  To date, more than 85% of the project's concrete has been poured. The total amount of concrete will be 49,000 cubic yards, equaling twice the volume of the Macy’s building in Herald Square, New York.  Read more »

Even from afar, progress of 9/11 memorial clearly visible

Even from thousands of feet in the sky, the two acre-sized 9/11 Memorial pools can be made out.Photographer Joe Woolhead routinely snaps pictures (like the one above) of the construction progress at the World Trade Center site. Find more of his photos here or visit  Read more »

New York State company forges steel for 9/11 memorial

Construction on the 9/11 Memorial is continuing to move forward. Granite installation has begun inside the large reflecting pools and the memorial is now completely framed in steel. Its two acre-sized squares set within the original footprints of the fallen twin towers are clearly visible, defining the 16-acre World Trade Center site that is being reborn through concrete, steel and the labor of hundreds of construction workers.The memorial opens next year for the 10th anniversary of the Sept. 11 terror strikes.  Read more »