WTC Steel Finds New Home in South Carolina

WTC Steel Finds New Home in South Carolina

World Trade Center Memorial Plaza in Greenville County, S.C. Photo courtesy of Richard Shiro.

Thanks to a community effort in Greenville County, S.C., residents are able to commemorate 9/11 in their hometown.

A 1,360-pound piece of World Trade Center steel now stands on a pedestal in the center of Greenville’s World Trade Center Memorial Plaza. According to a recent story in, pieces of concrete surround the steel as a reminder of the rubble left by the towers’ collapse. 


After a private fundraising campaign to bring the I-beam to Greenville County and build the memorial, the plaza officially opened to the public on Independence Day at a local fire district headquarters. Organizers say that supporters “dropped dollars in boots and businesses donated money, services and materials” for months before the memorial was able to open.


By Allyson Philobos, Communications Associate for the 9/11 Memorial