Former FDNY Commissioner Nicholas Scoppetta. Photo courtesy of FDNY.
Rabbi Sacks speaks at the 9/11 Memorial Museum with Clifford Chanin. Photo by Ben Hider.

Time Doesn’t Heal All Wounds

Flowers are placed on the 9/11 Memorial during the February 26, 1993 World Trade Center bombing anniversary ceremony. Photo by Jin Lee.
The national flag of Belgium is seen among international flags installed in the 9/11 Memorial Museum. The installation recalls the flags that flew in the mezzanine level of the original Twin Towers. Some of the flags, which were not on display on 9/11, are part of the museum’s collection.
Katelyn Mascali, center, at the end of the New York City half marathon on Sunday. Photo courtesy of Zolan Kanno-Youngs/The Wall Street Journal
The Survivor Tree prepares to bloom at the 9/11 Memorial. Photo by Jin Lee.
Rolla "Bud" Crick's ground zero access badge. Gift of Rolla Bud Crick.
Ambassador Frederic C Hof, the former Special Adviser for Transition in Syria at the State Department, speaks during a February program, "The Fight Against ISIS."
Members of the FDNY Emerald Society Pipes and Drums on the 9/11 Memorial on September 11, 2011. Photo by Jin Lee.