9/11 Reserve

Cheryl Stewart's "Where is Osama bin Laden?" sign. Collection 9/11 Memorial Museum.
Richard J. Guadagno. Courtesy U.S. Department of Justice.
High school senior Britney Perez gives back at the 9/11 Memorial.
The Twin Towers of the original World Trade Center site with yellow flowers in the foreground. Collection 9/11 Memorial Museum, Photograph by Kerri Courtney.
Meredith Bergmann's sculpture at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine in the Upper West Side of Manhattan.
Left: Photograph by Joel Meyerowitz, Courtesy Howard Greenberg Gallery. Right: detail of the “L.U. #3 I.B.E.W. 17 Lost” marking on the Last Column.

Remembering First Responder Yamel Josefina Merino

Yamel Josefina Merino. Collection 9/11 Memorial Museum.
Christine Egan at Pond Inlet, Nunavut. Collection 9/11 Memorial Museum.
Grove of trees within the Garden of Remembrance. Photo by James G. Murphy.
Kerry County Mayor, John Sheahan and his wife lay a wreath at the south pool. Photo by Jin Lee.