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The official blog of the 9/11 Memorial & Museum features stories of commemoration and memorialization, and information on our public programs, special events, and ways to get involved.

Long alt text: Dozens of square tiles that are varying shades of blue are seen up close in Memorial Hall.
Photo by Dan Winters

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Faces of the First Helpers: Portraits by Holger Keifel

May 26, 2020

Eighteen years ago, before learning his name or that his pictures were from a larger family of faces, I saw two photographs by Holger Keifel clipped to a hanging line inside a SoHo storefront.

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9/11 Memorial Commemorates Memorial Day

May 24, 2020

The Lens: Capturing Life and Events at the 9/11 Memorial & Museum is a photography series devoted to documenting moments big and small that unfold at the 9/11 Memorial and Museum.

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Taking a Closer Look at Features Galleries: Response Art

May 22, 2020

David Stern's "The Gatherings," featured in the Museum collection's response art gallery, testifies to the urgency and irrepressibility of art-making as a reply to crisis.

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Join the 9/11 Memorial & Museum for the Annual May 30 Commemoration

May 21, 2020

While we will not be able to gather together in person in observance of the 18th anniversary of the end of the rescue and recovery effort at Ground Zero, please join us on for a special digital commemorative ceremony on Saturday, May 30, at 11 a.m. (ET).

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9/11 Memorial & Museum Announces New Mask Initiative

May 20, 2020

The 9/11 Memorial & Museum has created a series of reversible masks to support frontline responders and the institution during this temporary closure.

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“Just a Short Person with Four Legs”: Remembering FEMA-Certified K-9 Cowboy

May 19, 2020

FEMA handler Dave Richards of Utah Task Force 1 and his FEMA-certified K-9, Cowboy, arrived in New York City on September 16, 2001, just five days after the attacks.

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Thank You for Your Service: Videos from the Reflecting On 9/11 Gallery

May 18, 2020

The 9/11 Memorial Museum’s Reflecting On 9/11 gallery space and recording booths give visitors a chance to privately unpack their thoughts and feelings after visiting the historical exhibition. Today we highlight a few of the many heartfelt tributes to the essential workers who helped rebuild New York City after 9/11.

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“Dear Hero” Letters Honor Frontline Workers

May 15, 2020

We invite you to share your own message of gratitude and appreciation for those on the frontline by participating in our “Dear Hero” campaign.

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Behind the Collection: Rehousing Diverse Artifacts at the 9/11 Memorial & Museum

May 14, 2020

Collections management staff at the 9/11 Memorial Museum reflect on some of the more challenging custom housing solutions they've produced for the Museum's vast collection.

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Musician Recalls Coordinating the Volunteer Effort at Ground Zero

May 13, 2020

"The thing that really broke my heart the most was seeing the physical guys on the site who did not have the supplies they needed to do their job."

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