Guidelines for Shipping Materials

In preparing your precious mementoes for shipment, we suggest that you take advance precaution particularly when shipping fragile, or breakable, objects. If you have access to a commercial shipping outlet, we strongly encourage you to consider taking advantage of their expertise. If you are preparing packages yourself, we suggest that extra care be taken by wrapping materials in tissue paper and bubble wrap, and placing a smaller box containing your items inside of a larger box, also layered with additional tissue or bubble wrap for added padding. These measures will help to provide appropriate protection during shipment, minimizing the risk of damage. You may also want to purchase shipping insurance for your materials.

The following three websites provide information about some of the better known packing and shipping service suppliers: 

Please enclose this  Temporary Custody Receipt form  with any items and images you elect to send us.This form provides us with the information necessary to begin processing your donation, so that it may become part of our permanent collection and included in exhibitions, scholarly publications and educational programs. Please note that as part of the donation process, you will have the option of determining whether or not you are comfortable with extending use of your materials to commercial endeavors that the Museum might develop, such as books and commemorative products.

Packages should be addressed to:

Chief Curator
National September 11 Memorial & Museum
200 Liberty Street, 16th floor
New York, NY 10281
Re: Memorial Exhibition