Lesson Plan: Cover Stories

Moving Day (Grades 6-12)

1. Display or distribute copies of Moving Day by Bruce McCall.

2. Ask students to look at the cover. If viewing on a computer or tablet, use the zoom function to focus on specific sections.

3. Lead a guided inquiry by asking the following questions. Record their observations. (note: each question has the same follow-up designed to get students to support their responses with evidence.)

-  What objects or images stand out to you? What is happening in this image?
-  What information can you pull from the text clues? How can you tell?
-  Where does this take place? Where are the figures in this image heading? How can you tell?
-  Who is Eustace? How can you tell?
-  When was this made? How can you tell?

4. Tell students this cover is called Moving Day, and it shows the journey of Eustace, a figure who has become a mascot for The New Yorker magazine. Share the below quote from a staff member at The New Yorker.

“Last week, the staff of The New Yorker made its final preparations to leave 4 Times Square, its headquarters for the past fifteen years, to join the rest of Condé Nast, the parent company, down at 1 World Trade Center, the new megatower in lower Manhattan . . . The artist Bruce McCall pictures what it felt like to pack boxes while we were finishing the last issue in our old building.”

5. Recap what students noticed in the image, connecting the details they pulled out back to the above quote.

6. As summative questions, ask students:
-  Why might a large company like Condé Nast moving to the new 1 World Trade Center building be significant?
-  How does this cover connect to 9/11? How does it show changes that have occurred since 9/11?

Image courtesy of The New Yorker © Condé Nast

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