A Life in Leadership Remembered

“Looking back, I can’t help thinking how extraordinarily lucky I’ve been. Mine has been a good life, filled with lots of fun, interesting experiences, drama, and an engagement with serious issues at the highest levels… I have lived in a time when there has been a lot to be done, from fighting the Nazis to battling terrorists. I like to think I have risen to many of these challenges in my own quiet fashion, and I am confident that the next generation of leaders will meet them in their turn. I have been glad to do my part in all of these great endeavors. More than glad. From first to last, I have been thrilled to be in on the action.”
—John C. Whitehead, from “A Life in Leadership”

“Together, we will build a memorial that heals our hearts and makes the world proud.”
—John C. Whitehead, Announcement of the formation of the Board of the 9/11 Memorial & Museum

“On September 11, 2001, our nation and our world faced one of the darkest hours of our history. In the aftermath of such devastating loss, our elemental humanity – our compassion, our fortitude, and our hope – held fast. Indeed, it was this very humanity that was attacked, this humanity that drove hundreds of first responders into the burning towers, and this humanity that inspired the innumerable known and unknown acts of bravery in the towers that day. Later on, it was this humanity that shined in the rescuers atop the World Trade Center pile who worked tirelessly to recover their brothers and sisters... With the Memorial design, let us invoke this same spirit – let us honor those we have lost and let us also resolve to reaffirm the principles that are the core of our city, state, and nation.”
—John C. Whitehead, Announcement of Memorial Design Finalists

“I have seen the struggle for freedom firsthand throughout my life. In World War II, I fought for freedom at Normandy. I served in President Reagan’s State Department and helped to ensure freedom’s spread around the world. And I saw freedom come under attack on September 11th. I believe that the World Trade Center Site is a fitting and appropriate place to honor and celebrate our nation’s core principle – to show the world our unity, resiliency, and resolve to preserve freedom in the wake of the attacks.”
—John C. Whitehead

“When history judges this project, it will not remember the inevitable ups and downs of the process. Rather, it will say that the extraordinary caliber of the architectural minds working on the project, along with the dedication of those advancing it, have created a Memorial of quality and vision that honors the tremendous loss we experienced.”
—John C. Whitehead