Museum Planning Conversation Series

Museum Planning Conversation Series

The Museum Entry Pavilion

As part of its exhibition planning process, the 9/11 Memorial Museum has developed an ongoing “Museum Planning Conversation Series.” The meetings are designed to inform the program and exhibition development of the Museum. Prominent thinkers on museums, memorialization, American history, and the continuing impact of collective trauma, as well as representatives of key constituencies including victims’ family members, survivors, first responders, downtown community and government officials, are invited to speak with staff and stakeholders in the Museum development process. These strategic conversations are intended to help crystallize the working assumptions that will inform the planning process, and help the team develop a shared vision and vocabulary for the Museum. The group is intended to be small enough to ensure meaningful conversation and large enough to engage a variety of opinions.

Summaries of the meetings will be made available on an ongoing basis. If you wish to share your comments with Museum staff regarding the topics covered in the Conversation Series, please email

Report: 2013
Session topics include:
- Museum Progress Report
- Presentation of Original Media Production from Historical Exhibition 
- Reflecting on 9/11

Report: 2010-2011 
Session topics include: 
- Guided site tours
- Presentation on the Design of the Museum’s Main Historical Exhibition
- Preview of the Museum’s Media Programs 

Report: 2009-2010 
Session topics include:
- Presentation on the Core Historical Exhibition 

Report: 2008-2009 
Session topics include:
- Schematic Design and Memorial Exhibition
- Viewing of Artifacts at Hangar 17

Report: 2006-2008
Session topics include:
- Distinctive Learning Environments
- Civic Nature of Memorialization
- Consequence of Traumatic Events
- 9/11 and American History
- Museums and Civic Renewal
- Project Update
- Human Remains On-site
- Exhibiting Sensitive Materials
- Presenting to Younger Visitors