Names Arrangement

The nearly 3,000 names of the men, women, and children killed in the attacks of September 11, 2001 and February 26, 1993 will be inscribed on bronze parapets surrounding the twin Memorial pools.

Memorial designer Michael Arad explains that the design concept “allows us to place the names of those who died that day next to each other in a meaningful way, marking the names of family and friends together, as they had lived and died." As described below, names will be arranged within three levels of “meaningful adjacencies” that reflect where victims were, their affiliations (e.g., companies or groups attending a conference together), and their personal relationships.

First, names will be inscribed within nine major groupings on the Memorial.

In addition to where they were, a defining feature of people’s experience on September 11, in addition to where they were, is who they were with. Some were with relatives, friends, and colleagues; others were with people they barely knew or had just met, but with whom intense bonds were quickly formed as a result of a shared response. The design allows for the names arrangement to reflect these meaningful relationships.

While affiliation names will not be inscribed on the Memorial, the names of victims from the same affiliations will be clustered together within each of these groupings. For example, the names of employees and visitors to the same company will be inscribed together, as will the members of each flight crew. First responders will be listed by labeled sub-groupings pertaining to their agencies and units within this section, as confirmed by the first responder agencies.

As part of the names verification process, the next-of-kin of the victims were invited to request the names of specific individuals next to whom they would like their loved ones’ names inscribed, be they family, friends, or colleagues. The Memorial and Museum will make every effort to honor all of the requests that were made.

Next-of-kin were also able to indicate if a loved one was pregnant at the time of her death, and could request to be contacted about acknowledging the pregnancy on the Memorial. If the next-of kin so choose, a pregnant victim’s inscribed name will be followed by the words “and her unborn child.”

We hope that by arranging the names of those who knew each other in their lives next to one another in their deaths, their loved ones will have a deeper and more significant Memorial experience.

Kiosks on the Memorial Plaza will allow all visitors, even those without a personal connection to those who perished, to learn about the victims. The kiosks will include information, like places of birth, ages, and World Trade Center companies.

In 2009, the 9/11 Memorial contacted each victim’s next-of-kin as part of the names verification and arrangement. Through this process, we were able to verify 80% of the names that will appear on the Memorial. The verification process is now closed and fabrication of the bronze names parapet is underway. If you are a family member and would like more information or have other questions about the names arrangement, please contact the 9/11 Memorial by calling 212-312-8800 or emailing