Tears fall into waterfalls. Spirits roam about town while former building’s foundation stays. Twin towers are reincarnated into pools of water. An empty square hole sitting in the middle of a still stream should be filled with SOMETHING. So uncontrollably tears fall into waterfalls Recalling vibrancy from a former life with worker’s laughter during lunch breaks. Now the twin’s heart aches, while water quenches their thirst, remembering that people’s life stories first occupied vacant spaces. Now unfamiliar faces stare contemplating absence. Spirits roam about town, while a building of air stays standing alone on an island while other buildings congregate into a city’s landscape. So tears fall into waterfalls, uncontrollably weeping waterfalls. Singing songs of lamentation, while staying at a solitary station longing for lively spirits to inhabit home, so waterfalls fall while weeping and moaning. Reminiscing days of reaching for clouds, staying with ghosts who fought fires of terror, as memories remain as names engraved in stone. Tears fall into waterfalls, emerging as white doves descending into former buildings’ foundations. Tears fall into waterfalls. Waterfalls fall into tears.
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Description : 
A poem on the World Trade Center Memorial