Arrived at my house the phone did ring
Ran to answer it, I tripped on something
It was the police calling me
Police said the attack was deadly,
There is mass destruction at his work place
I’m very sorry what you have to face
If he was alive, it would be a miracle
The shock that hit me, made me hysterical
My neighbor came over
I cried so hard on her shoulder
I was crushed and speechless
My mouth was frozen, I felt so helpless
Never realizing when I left my home
Like a bad dream I’m all alone
That bad dream became a reality
When I was told he was a casualty
For the message that I received
It’s so difficult to believe
I’m so broken up on the inside
The way I look and feel, I just can’t hide
My sorrow was so deep,
A lot of the times I would weep
Time is a great healer,
As each day passes I feel better
It is very hard , in what has occur
For my birthday he bought me a coat, which was a fur
The picture of him stays in my mind
He was so loving and kind
I’m starting to get back, staying strong
For the stress I had stood with me long
I went to see where the towers were
My eyes began to blur
Filling up with tears
The pain just spears
Right through me,
That you can see
All those families in my shoes
They were called on that upsetting news
From this dreadful thing that has struck here
Has taken so many lives that was so worthy and dear
By Seymour Berger

All Rights Reserved