A Bolt Of Lightning

People that day were working regular hours
As many as several thousand in the towers
Many sights to see, it is an overwhelming City
And you will see why
People came by car, bus and did fly
Endless things to see
This is the best place to be
The bumper to bumper traffic
At times made it a little hectic
So many cops that are around
Makes you feel that you are in the safest town
Crowds of people that do love to shop
So much activity in this city that doesn’t stop
Never thinking for a second on this beautiful day
That the sun would look so grey
It was Tuesday September 11, 2001,
That hell on earth would come
Like a bolt of lightning that struck each tower
The planes flew into them with full power,
Tears rolled off my face
I ask God why is there such a race
All the people that were killed by the terrorist
We will strike back and never miss
All the grief that was given by them
That it is their terrifying trend
What they have done
Be rest a sure they haven’t won
A bolt of lightning we shall send their way
That the terrorist will never see another day
By Seymour Berger

All Rights Reserved