Nightmare Out Of The Blues

A roaring sound wave that would bounce from city to city
Brought so much world pity
It was such terrifying news
That it was a nightmare out of the blues
How could this happen in America,land of the free
He took the form of Hitler,became the worst enemy
His mind was so distorted
His vision of killing so many showed it
Those worthless ,mindless robots
They were so controlled approaching towards us
Innocent human lives meant nothing to them
We weren’t given a chance to defend
The massive cloud of destruction
That shatter our lives with out any notion
We will mend our pieces together
For what has been done it will get better
For all the damage that was done
As Americans this enemy will never make us run
Now that the table is turned
The leader that caused this nightmare ,is finally burned
By Seymour Berger

All Rights Reserved