A Tear of Tears

A Tear of Tears
Does show your true feelings
Different things that happen in our lives
Which is very upsetting and not pleasing,
Walking through life seeing the light of day
Not even thinking about it
Tragedy may come your way
For no one does really know
About your hurt and pain doesn’t always show
You look into a mirror and say
Will happiness and joy, may happen today?
You get a sudden shock from being notify
Some one very close to you has just died
Your emotions are shown with a tear of tears
Like on 911 was a tremendous blow
Came on the breaking news that cause a flow
Of many tears ,that our eyes filled up with
You may say to yourself when it does hit
It’s very difficult to accept to you or me
But it does become a reality
You look at the sun
Thinking in your mind, beyond your control that was done
Now you can you get inner peace
Never the less at the unpleasant time it won’t be release
Your memory holds everything in
That misfortunate that has been
During a conversation it can be brought up ,terrible things
Will bring on a tear of tears that shows your true feelings
By Seymour Berger

All Rights Reserved