Kingdom of Content

When you look all around
And see so many people that are happy and not down
The world seems to be caving in on you
You feel so blue
Whether it was 911 or something else that was so precious
That will never be replaced
It can be the case
You feel so unhappy, can’t get your life together
Think about it you don’t have to be under the weather
You have that inner strength to make yourself better
We all go through each day and wishing nothing should go wrong
But If it does, you can make it into becoming a very happy person
Where happiness can belong
Reaching out of that twisted shell that you are in
Making everything right again you will win
Don’t ever say you can’t do it
And throw yourself into pit
You have what it takes to make everyday a very bright day
Brightness and happiness will come your way
Now you will feel what is meant
You are in a Kingdom Of Content
By Seymour Berger

All Rights Reserved