Powder Cake

Are we sitting on a powder cake
That incompetent leader is showing a bluff or even a fake
Light up the fuse,it will blow up in his face
No country will win this race
Wanting to control everyone is a fantasy
The missile you have will be aimed at you, you shall see
Stepping in a path that leads to a cliff
Turning around can become a pit of fire you can’ t get a lift
What your trying to do
You will become the world greatest worthless fool
Looking into a mirror and saying your brain is malfunctioning
The way you want to go is not a normal thing
The Army, weapons you may have to a launch a war
For you there will  be a big surprise in store
No matter what you do, you just can’t win this show
It would be a quick ending for you ,the fact is, we do know
Before its to late give up the ship
Wanting to stay alive you must admit
Being over posses with such power it will never go into use 
You will end up walking into a hangman’s noose
By  Seymour Berger

All Rights Reserved
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