Watch 24/7

Even though the terrorist try to show
By playing this dangerous game we do know
They think they have the upper hand
And try very hard to destroy our land
We have 24/7  air tight watch on them
Their smarts are so stupid walking among other people they just don’t blend
Coming to New York City trying to make another 911
You could be rest assure they won’t make heaven
Their goal is to kill and rule
And will never succeed in the harm they want to do
Never for a second will our guard be down
They can act like a senseless clown
For what has happened years ago
This will not be duplicated, we do know
Don’t ever have a fear
For the protection we have is always near
We shall have peace of mind
This will stick with us all the time
Whatever the enemy may cause to start a battle
Our arm forces will knock them out of the saddle
By Seymour Berger

All Rights Reserved