Weaving Reconciliation

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Description : 
The Thread Project: One World, One Cloth The green color of Weaving Reconciliation symbolizes new life rising from the ashes. Numerous threads and stories of reconciliation intersperse the green panels. One thread, a yellowed fiber from the Cambodian Killing Fields arrived with the message, "I dedicate this thread to all who died there." In the same batch of threads, a very white bandage from rural Iowa arrived from women who prepare bandages to send overseas. Somewhere,within the greeness of Weaving Reconciliation, the Cambodian and Iowa threads are knotted snuggly togehter, a gesture honoring those who bandage the world's brokenness and those who retaliate, not with their fists, but with their hearts. Weavers of Weaving Reconciliation: ~Carla Tilgham, Kansas ~Suri Provisor, Israel ~Kate Robertson, Idaho ~Laurel Wood for Race Relations Week, Sioux Lookout, Ontario ~Margarita Lainez, El Salvador ~Robyn Josephs, Pennsylvania ~Joy Wandrey, Indiana
Cotton and hundreds of diverse fibers