Lienzo Luminoso (Cloth of Light)

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The Thread Project: One World, One Cloth Weaver Margarita Lainez, from El Salvador, helped name Lienzo Luminoso, which menas Cloth of Light. For centuries lights and lanterns have dispelled darkness and pointed the way to safe harbors. The yellow warp symbolizes warmth and solace. Three panels of Lienzo Luminoso were woven on the Australian continent. One of the Aussie weavers, Maryann Stamford, wrote: "I imagine the flow of all these names funneling into my studio in rural Maleny. Each name finding its place in a woven panel and then flowing outwards again to combine with names from every continent of the world." Weavers of Lienzo Luminoso ~Karen Madigan, Old Bar, Australia ~Marie Hauff and The Weavers and Spinners Society, Texas ~Christiana Okai Mensah, Ghana ~Christine M. Zadlo, Pennsylvania ~Maryann Stamford, Maleny, Australia ~Ilona Kemenes, Hungary ~Gail Campbell & Western Australian Handweavers, Spinners and Dyers Guild, Beeliar, West Australia
Cotton and hundreds of different fibers