Hope Materialzing

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The Thread Project: One World, One Cloth Elpis, the personification of hope, cried out to be set free after Pandora's Box had been opened. Elpis knew that a world without hope topples into despair. The purple cloth, woven in the aftermath of 9/11, celebrates the power and promise of hope. The buttons, created by clay artisit Susan Ryles, spell hope in more than a dozen languages. Mayan weavers in Guatemala wove the third panel from the left on a back-strap loom, using a technique thousands of years old; the panel later hung in the United Nations as part of the 2006 Indigenous Exhibit. Weavers of Hope Materializing ~Judity Krone, Georgia ~150 Peacemakers, conference in Georgia ~Cojolya Association of Maya Women Weavers, Guatemala ~Charlotte Webb, South Carolina ~Heather Kennedy Powers, Georgia ~Brenda Cameron, Colorado Sarah Hendershot Simpson, North Carolina
Cotton thread and hundreds of diverse fibers