Threaded Harmony

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Description : 
The Thread Project: One World, One Cloth Threaded Harmony, with its bamboo, flute-like buttons, represents differences woven together into a unified whole: many threads--one cloth; many notes--one song. The threads in Threaded Harmony include those gathered from stkudents in Winona, Minnesota and their sister school in Japan, as well as threads collected from a middle school in Zibo, China. In addition, two US schools wove "sister" panels to hang permanently in their halls as a reminder of their participation in The Thread Project. One thread included in this cloth came with this note: "Enclosed is a strip of fabric woven in one of Mother Teresa's leper colonies. If people who have no fingers and toes can learn to weave, any of us can learn whatever we must to make it through. So weave on." Weavers of Threaded Harmony ~Evelyn Bunting Tuller, Washington ~Deborah Brandon, Pennsylvania ~Susan Hull Walker, South Carolina ~Robin Hurd, Pennsylvania ~Bebby Weigand & Penny Morgan, Florida ~Carolyn Collins & Margaret Kiihne, Minnesota ~Gika Rector, Sharla Thomason and Antje Goldflam, Texas
Cotton and hundreds of diverse fibers