Ariadne's Prayer

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The Thread Porject: One World, One Cloth In Greek myth, Ariadne handed Theseus a ball of thread to help him navigate the Cretan labyrinth. The cloth Ariadne's Prayer is a simple prayer: "May our woven threads help us wind our way toward one another, instead of away." On the Greek island of Poros, weaver Eleni Pavlou helped sixty-five adults and children wind their way toward one another by inviting them to weave portions of the third panel. Across the ocean, another group of children, in a Special Educaiton class in Zeeland, Michigan, wove the second panel; while, on a third continent, in a small Indian village, two young women Saria and Lalita, wove the sevnth panel. Ariade's blue thread connects them all. Weavers of Ariadne's Prayer ~Pineland Weavers, New Jersey ~Cindy Koedoot's Special Education Class, Michigan ~Eleni Pavlou, Greece ~Unity School, Florida ~Ann Wenz, South Carolina ~Carolyn Collins and friends, Minnesota ~Sarita and Lalita, India
Cotton thread and hundreds of diverse fibers