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The words to America were written by Dan Daley from Zenda, WI to accompany the melody to Londonderry Air, better known as Danny Boy. He wrote it in response to the events on 9-11. He is a veteran of the US military. He asked vocalist Joan Hammel to sing on it ( and Louis Faro to perform the keyboards. It has led to Joan being asked to do USO Tours. They have received letters from many, including public officials and individuals who lost someone on 9-11 thanking them for the song and expressing how it helped them through difficult times. This song can also be heard on the website for the first national memorial for Flight 93 based in California All proceeds from the sales of the song have gone to those affected by 9-11. It is in its third printing. Here are the lyrics: America The tears, the tears are falling. From young and old As we all lend a hand. Our proud flag waves Above the twisted steel. It hurts, it hurts to see what That day brought. Bowed heads in prayer In countries 'round the world. We trust our faith that they're In heaven now. As heroes fell, others took their place America, America let freedom ring. But as they go, We search for truth and meaning. With heavy hearts we celebrate their lives. Oh, thank you for all the memories And the love Somewhere in time we will unite again. But come to us as sunshine Through the tears, Or as a whispered thought in the wind. From sea to sea , Across this cherished land, AMerica, America let freedom ring.